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Training Venue:       

    Astro Pitch, Leitrim, Loughrea, Galway

Training Day:

    Sunday 10am - 12 noon

Training Starts (2022):

    Feb 6th 2022

Training Times:       


           Players Born in 2012, 2013, 2014

           Players Born in 2006 - 2009


           Players Born in 2010, 2011

           *Social Hockey - Adults of all ages

All training sessions will be limited to 30 players maximum on the pitch

*The adult players will be moved to their own timeslot once more members join

The club committee reserve the right to refund the players in groups who apply for membership that  the club are unable to take in due to not enough players coming forward for that group.


Equally, the first 30 players to register will be deemed to have reached our quota and the club reserve the right to refund those who are above the quota entries.